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Seagate shipped 2 billion This is the first hard drive industry

Le 26 décembre 2014, 05:18 dans Humeurs 0

Seagate Technology today announced their first breakthrough in 

harddrive shipments 2 billion, mainly due to the staggering figure of

 explosive sales of mobile storage applications, cloud infrastructure,

 social networking, business applications and also a selection of consumer markets.

 Seagate attain the first 1 billion shipments last 29 years, as the

 second one billion within four years, described in this digital world,

 the storage devices are playing a progressively important role.


 Seagate's president, CEO and chairman Steve Luczo said: "It really 

is a very significant achievement, capable of lead the corporation to attain 

this success, and I am very pleased with it illustrates the tireless efforts

 of our own employees, there're. dedication and pride will be the 


cornerstone in our company's development. "




 Born in demand for digital content property a variety of sources, 

including social websites and cellular phones, creating a interest in storage

 devices. Analysts expect a month to observe Youtube videos around the 

user cost you more than 4 billion hours. As users continue to produce

 more high-definition video, still images and fragments of mobile phone 

cameras, from 2013 to 2015 shared storage demand is expected to improve 



 John Rydning, research vice chairman at IDC harddrive and semiconductor

 industry, said: "With cloud services and content for mobile devices growing 

amount of acquisition devices, and thus contributed towards rapid 

increase in digital content for cellular devices and cloud jointly contributed

 towards the expansion in the harddrive demand, 2013. within the hard disk shipments

 will reach 585 million, even though the 2012-2016 global disk drive capacity of up

 to 30% compound annual rate of growth. "


 Director of research at technology research and consulting firm Envisioneering

 Group's Richard Doherty said: "Now usually monthly household consumption 1TB 

of knowledge, the 2015 will be able to produce roughly the same as 20 times the actual

 level of data and also the manufacture of consumer safety save HD multimedia needs.

 evolving, thus requiring drives offer higher performance and maximum reliability.

 Seagate disc drive and technology roadmap to deliver the best solution for 

consumers growing rapidly storage needs, unique home or business, 

either now or perhaps the near future. "



Last October, Seagate in Wuxi, China, to celebrate the 1 billion harddrives 

over assembly line, with a quarter Seagate hard disk shipments of 58 million

 hard disc, in which the server / enterprise drives fast approaching 7 million, 

shipments of mobile hard disc over 20 million, as the desktop hard disk drive

 is just about ten million. When we understand the figure, may be surprised, Seagate

 shipped 1 / 4 all the disk drive! Considerably more as opposed to memory! Yes, Seagate 

quarter revenue can have more than a year, Kingston, this can be a charm from the 

disk drive.



Seagate established in China, Wuxi, Suzhou, two hard disk drive factory, and Seagate 

hard disks shipped two billion years, Wuxi and Suzhou, two factories in China 

on a couple of billion, showing a sizable contribution of Chinese factories and

 markets. However, we view from the first quarter of Seagate something for 

shipment information, the desktop marketplace is shrinking, shipments of mobile 

hard disk drive will be twice the desktop disk drive, that's really surprising.


 And mobile hard drive marketplace is still expanding, others, such as cloud storage,

 city surveillance networks ought to monitor class hard, and tend to be the brand new growth

 point. Like a consumer, than i am most concerned about the capacity with the 

hard disc can not be bigger, cheaper.

SAS hard disk interface integrated a variety of conditions is likely to become the mainstream interface

Le 26 décembre 2014, 05:12 dans Humeurs 0

As a possible important perhaps the connection to the server while using the hard drive interface type play a decisive role in enterprise storage, specially in the era of big data today, the choice of interface type is proportional towards speed of internet data storage and security is great or bad. It is obvious from the server side interface used widely in non-SATA, SAS and FC the one and only three interfaces, each with advantages and disadvantages in the three can be said that, inside the server market inextricably war, let's analyze the 3 hard disk interface trends, whether it will have a port of world domination.



The achievements the revolution SAS interface connector to replace FC Interface



     SATA Interface:


     SATA Serial ATA interface is standardized in 2001 by the Commission made up of IBM. Intel, Dell and other major manufacturers of Seagate formally established, but also in the existing server market, lots of low-end servers are utilizing such a hard disk interface.


     When compared to previous SATA IDE interface carries a stronger error correction capability might be checked during the time of the transfer order, if you locate one is going to be corrected automatically, which greatly improves data transmission reliability and security, and also the interface simple structure, and supports hot-swap capability.


     Incoming speed bandwith rate nearly 150MB / s, than the previous interface type comes with a absolute advantage, but in contrast to SAS and FC interface type interface is no advantage, currently, is very common inside the low-end market however for those who need special protection of enterprise data security users, it is not the initial choice, nevertheless for individual users, SATA harddrive interface type also expensive, data protection, not for individual users, increasing the user the difficulty, so now that subsection items are mainly used in the entry-level servers and departmental servers.


     FC interface


     FC interfaces like Fibre Channel interface and SCIS are not originally designed and developed to the harddrive interface technology, but designed designed for network systems, but with the storage system requirements for speed, gradually put on the hard disk system. Fibre Channel hard disk drive is to improve speed and flexibility of multi-drive storage system was upgraded, containing significantly improved the communication speed multi-drive systems. The key characteristics of Fibre Channel are: hot-swappable resistance, high bandwidth, remote access, a large number of connected devices.


Fiber is in a situation to produce actual bandwidth of 100MBps, as well as theoretical limit for 1.06GBps. However, there are several companies did start to launch 2.12Gbps products, which support the next generation of fiber channel (ie. Fibre Channel II). However, to acheive higher data transfer useage rates, the marketplace for fiber optic products sometimes uses multiple fiber channel to obtain higher bandwidth.


     FC interface can connect up to 126 devices, and low CPU utilization, not stoppable, versatility is quite strong, nevertheless the method is expensive, maintenance is actually comparatively complex formation, rarely employed in smaller than average medium enterprises.


FATA is usually a hybrid disc drive technology, called fiber subsidiary adapter (FATA, Fibre Attached Technology Adapted), this technology may be the largest hard drive manufacturer Seagate jointly developed, which could effectively reduce the expense of hard disk, turning it into help improve the purchase price disk arrays.

The highest benefit from FATA might be mixed in the identical disk cabinet with FC hard disks and FATA computer drives, the inadequacy of this FC interface is slightly more expensive than SATA interface, and also the hard disk drive vendors basically only Seagate and Hitachi master FC interface technology, limited reasons for hard disk drives - conversely FATA computer drives me is very simple, the supplier is tough to mass production - further driving the expense of the FATA Moreover, for the time being, the use of a hardcore hard drive FATA EVA. Products, but rarely capable of seeing the situation in a very disk cabinet applications simultaneously FC and FATA computer drives.


SAS interface:


     SAS is quite popular kind of interface, the usage of serial approaches to achieve a higher transfer rate, and improve internal space by shortening the hyperlink line, SAS is always to produce a new interface as soon as the parallel SCSI interface, good to enhance storage performance, availability and scalability, and greater compatibility.


     SAS interface and will be backward compatible SATA, the physical layer, SAS and SATA interface is fully compatible, SATA computer drives can be utilized directly inside SAS environment, from the terms of the interface standard, SATA is often a sub-standard SAS's. Therefore SAS controller can directly control the SATA harddrive, but it really cannot be directly practical in SAS SATA environment, because the SATA controller and SAS harddrives can't be controlled.


     Inside the system, each SAS port can connect nearly 16 256 external devices, and SAS to take direct point to point serial transmission, transfer rate nearly 3Gbps, and also have the ability to achieve high-speed 6Gbps and 12Gbps ports appear and traditional SCSI interface comparison, SAS not merely significantly increase the speed, but additionally because it is having a serial cable connection can't only achieve longer distances, but additionally increase the anti-jamming capability, and this cable can also improve heat dissipation inside the chassis .

SAS's strengths and challenges


     SAS currently Advantage


     SAS wide port can be used to provide higher bandwidth, which is already comparable with 8GB FC interfaces, and employ the STP protocol to handle SAS SATA protocol allows SAS and SATA disks can exist simultaneously with the same storage system, or can be mixed inserted in a very sad disk cabinet, pretty much everything doesn't have to perform overmuch to switch the highest, just add ATA support to the Initiator end in the upper layer protocol processing module, or uniform use SCSI. FC can also develop in principle carry SATA protocol, but nonetheless provide exhausted FCP FC mapping SATA protocol adaptation layer.


     Expensive price in comparison to FC, SAS may have relatively much cheaper, however in actual use, disk interface rate affects the performance on the technique is not too great.




The prosperity of the revolution SAS interface connector to change FC Interface




     SAS Challenge


     Most significant challenges could be the SAS cable, current products are used binding, which resulted in its transmission distance is quite limited, the absolute maximum distance is usually limited to 10 meters, along with the cable coarse hard, seriously isn't conducive on the network wiring, which limit the roll-out of direct limits SAS.


     Another limitation is its SAS PHY rate but, generally applicable current rate of single disks SAS interface port 3Gb / s, in accordance with the FC 4Gb / s in terms of the difference or more, however, the actual single PHY 5Gb / of rate just outcrop together the exact product, it really is gratifying that, in yet 8Gb / sFC disk interface products appear before, we have seen SAS 6Gb / s interface towards the disk, which fully implies that the short pace of development of SAS, and FC is usually within a ought to wait to look at a leave status, SAS's development will make it increasingly tough to FC road.


     I do believe that in the future, SAS may well completely replace FC, FC had just replaced SCSI as SAS will replace FC.

Iomega Portable EMC Harddrive Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities

Le 26 décembre 2014, 04:56 dans Humeurs 0

Iomega, an EMC hard disk as well as a global leader in data protection, today announced the culmination of that 

new Mac-oriented hard drive line with all the launch of the new Iomega  Mac Edition Portable Harddrive, an 

on-the-go stylish drive with sufficient of storage which could withstand drops and still travel easily inside a 

pocketbook or briefcase.


With the recent launches with the Iomega Helium Portable Disk drive plus the Iomega Mac Companion

 Hard disk, Iomega is now offering a complete new distinctive line of portable and desktop computer drives for Mac users. All 

three new drives are formatted HFS+ for compatibility with Mac computers right out of the box, making

them perfect complements to today's Apple notebooks and desktops.


Iomega's new brand of  emc  hard drives to the Mac gives enthusiasts everything they need in versatile,

 powerful storage, The brand new rugged Iomega eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard disk drive and the compact Iomega

 Helium Portable EMC Harddrive are fantastic for mobile users, creative professionals and digital enthusiasts

 who demand a fashionable and sure method to store, share and backup all the files on their Mac computers. 

Within the desktop, the trendy Mac Companion EMC Harddrive delivers lots of storage and interface options

 in addition to a first-of-its-kind quick charge on an iPad.  All three of these new Iomega hard disks 

are compatible with Mac Lion OS and Time Machine, giving Mac users the design and function they really want as 

well as the peace that their information is safe and can be automatically duplicated.


Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, the modern black Iomega eGo Mac Edition Portable Harddrive has 

two FireWire 800 ports the other USB 2.0 port for fast performance and versatile connections. The eGo

 Mac Edition Portable Harddrive incorporates a Drop Guard? Case to help protect the drive from drops of

 as many as seven feet. The eGo Mac Edition Portable  emc  Hard Drive requires no external power,

 and comes filled with three cables: one USB 2.0 cable, one FireWire 800 cable, then one FireWire 

800-FireWire 400 adaptor cable.


Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, the newest Iomega Helium Portable EMC Disk drive has one USB 2.0 

port and a durable aluminum case, giving mobile users yet others peace-of-mind when vacationing with their

 Iomega Helium Portable Disc drive. The Helium Portable Harddrive requires no external power, 

and comes full of one USB 2.0 cable.


Obtainable in 2TB and 3TB capacities, the revolutionary Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive utilizes an easy 7200 RPM 

3.5-inch disc drive within a space-saving design that suits perfectly about the base of the Apple iMac or an

 Apple monitor. Adding peripheral devices to your Apple computer isn't a issue with the Mac Companion 

Hard disk drive. The fashionable silver and black drive includes two FireWire 800 ports, one USB 2.0 port and also a

 two port integrated USB 2.0 hub that allows you to connect multiple devices for instance a printer or other 

external storage device. The Mac Companion Hard disk drive doesn't require the person to buy extra cables 

the drive comes detailed with one FireWire 800, one conversion FireWire 400-800, then one USB 2.0 cable


Of those unfortunate features incorporated with the Mac Companion EMC Harddrive, Mac users may most appreciate the

 first-of-its-kind super charged USB charging port for iPad, iPhone or iPod. (Apple portable products

 sold separately.) The charging port is usually a high-powered 2.1 Amp hookup that makes it simple and convenient 

to charge your iPad as well as other portable Apple devices so they're good to go when you're. 


The brand new Iomega Mac Companion Disk drive could be the only major branded external HFS+ Mac desktop hard drive

 currently available that incorporates an increased powered Apple device charging port along with a two-port USB 2.0 hub.


Unlike many competing hard disk drives, the modern eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive, plus the Helium

 Portable Hard disk as well as the Mac Companion Hard disk, all boast local and online backup, together with 

encryption and anti-virus software:256-bit AES encryption keeps files on your own drive safe from prying eyes.

The Iomega Protection Suite, an all-inclusive offering of powerful Mac software which includes.

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